intense experiences

Visits with professionals

Naturalistic guides can introduce you to the other side of Salento, caves, sheep tracks and watchtowers, aromatic herbs and wild flowers.

They will accompany you to get to know the Bay of Orte, the Cava di Bausite, il Faro di Palascìa, la Torre del Serpente e il Parco Regionale Otranto – Santa Maria di Leuca.

Guided tours of Baroque treasures such as Lecce, Galatina, Nardò, Copertino.

Historical tours in the ancient centre of Otranto, in Salento Greece and along the Megalithic routes.

Tailor-made guided tours

  • Lecce Barocca
  • Ostuni
  • Alberobello
  • Grotte Di Castellana
  • Grecia Salentina
  • Grotte Di Castro
  • Megalithic Route Of Giurdignano And Surroundings